Five Tips for a More Engaging, More Effective Blog

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Did you know that half of all marketers cite their blog content as a “very effective” tool in their SEO arsenal? Many have made the mistake of thinking SEO optimization centers around keywords and back-linking, but as time goes forward, Google, owning more than 70% of the U.S. market share for search engines, is continuing to evolve the search experience to favor those focusing on quality content production. Bloggers, whether they write for business or pleasure, need to take certain things into account if they want to get themselves noticed on the web and have a chance of generating any revenue from their words.

  1. Success Takes Time
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    Delia Lloyd of the Huffington Post writes that one of the most important daily blogging tips is to write consistently, regardless of how you are feeling. The fact is that no matter how many SEO blog tips you use, it is going to take time for your page to get noticed. There is a reason this is #1 among our daily bl

Get More From Your Blog When You Market It

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Companies choose to outsource their SEO for a number of valid reasons. About 62% of companies were performing social media in house in 2010, but a year later that fell to just 55% of companies. A lack of talent, technology, and time are some of the reasons that online marketing activities and SEO get shifted.

When you choose an SEO firm, you can usually hand over control of everything from onsite optimization, to link building, to off site optimization like your blog, if you wish. SEO firms are amazing, but they cannot always handle every minute aspect. You may want or even need someone at your company to maintain some control over the blog. If that is the case, then here are three blog marketing tips and some free SEO tips to help you.

  1. Treat your blog like the SEO tool that it is.
  2. Most people intuitively know that more than 90% of all experiences online start with the search engine. This is of course significant for SEO, but you can also use this fact to take advanta

Three Reasons to Use Website Reseller Programs

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Did you know that, according to Internet World Stats, 78.1% of Americans and 34.3% of the world now use the internet for work and play? Those numbers represent over 2 billion people who could be finding and using your service based on your webpage alone. However, if your webpage is stuck in the past and offers nothing useful to potential clients, you will go nowhere fast. Here are three ways utilizing website reseller programs can help you avoid that fate.

  • Use of Meta-tags for SEO
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    Most web-based businesses understand that utilizing SEO tools like keywords, target phrases, and link-building are incredibly important to building your presence on the net. Why? According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. If you are not visible in search engines, like Google, then you will have a much harder time generating increased traffic and revenue.

    Website reseller packages can offer your busines

Work With Website Resellers to Bolster Your Web Presence

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This year, estimates suggest that online shoppers will spend a trillion dollars, if not more. In fact, in 2012, that happened for the first time. In order to take advantage of that trend, businesses might have to adapt and develop a strong web presence. This means that having a great website is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. While some companies are fortunate enough to have in house web developers, others might want to work with a firm that specializes in being able to resell websites. In fact, there are multiple benefits to using website reseller packages.

1. High Quality

If someone has limited training or experience with web development, they might struggle to make a website, even if they put in a legitimate effort. But by using a website reseller program, businesses will be able to have a professional web designer build their site. That could make all the difference between a helpful website and one that stands out for the wrong reasons.

2. Flexibility

While some might th

The Facts about Why Resellers Decide to Outsource SEO

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Did you know that, along with email, search engines are the most used application on the web? Every day, over a billion searches are routed through search engines such as Google. Many of these searches are inquiries about possible products and services the user is interested in. For businesses that want to increase their web visibility, it is important to rank high in organic search engine results, which is why many companies invest in search engine optimization, or SEO.

There are many web companies that sell services like email, PPC management, and social media marketing to their clients. These companies would often like to add SEO to their list of services they can offer, however, they lack the investment ability or size to really get involved with SEO on a professional and knowledgeable level. These web companies want to offer SEO in order to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded market. For this reason, they often become website resellers.

What is a website reseller? This

Start Your Very Own Online Business In Less Than An Hour

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If you’re one of the growing number of people who choose to make their living, or at least some of it, online, here’s a question you may want to ask yourself. Have you ever considered buying into a website reseller program? Thanks to services that make it cheap and easy to resell websites and web hosting, you can now enter a whole new arena of online business for the low starting cost of a basic website reseller program.

If you’re not already familiar with the idea behind reseller web hosting, then here’s a quick overview. The first step is to purchase hard disk space and bandwidth from a hosting service, and if you like, to rent a dedicated server. Once these resources are at their disposal, website reseller programs are able to set their own rates for web hosting services. The ability for website reseller packages to be sold at prices of the reseller’s choice is one of the big draws of this business.

If you’re looking for affordable web hosting services

The Highest Quality Website Reseller Program

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Reselling products on the internet has been a terrific way for people to make money for a number of years now. By deciding to resell websites through a state of the art program, anyone could find themselves in a perfect position to grow their own company. The trick is to choose between all of the website reseller programs that are out there. A successful website reseller package will have several things that a competing company will not be able to top.

The ideal website reseller program should come from a company that knows all about the latest trends in website design, coding and optimization. With algorithms like Google Panda and Penguin, it may seem too easy for a website to get punished these days. A reseller that can provide a highly optimized design from a company that knows how to stay ahead of these changes could be the perfect thing for those that want their website to raise up in the search engine rankings over time.

The second thing a potential website reseller should look for is a company that is up to date on all of the latest design trends. In 2013, it is all about responsive web designs, single scroll, social media badges and retina compatibility. Being to offer these things could be a terrific advantage.

At the end of the day, a website reseller should only have to worry about providing high quality service and making sales. The design and implementation of a website should be handled by the internet marketing company. Anyone looking to resell these kind of services should make sure that they should never have to focus on more than they sign up for. The ideal website reseller packages will make it easy for both the reseller and the main company to focus on what they are best at.

Picking Out The Perfect Website Reseller Package

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If your professional hope is to resell websites yet you remain unsure where to even begin this process, do not worry. There are lots of articles online that detail the steps you should take to join a strong program. The biggest step that these articles will address is the selection of a provider, which is perhaps the most important of all the factors you will need to consider as you enter into this world. Picking a provider that offers a strong website reseller package is paramount, so follow these rules of thumb.

Pick a website reseller package that is cost effective for you. There usually is a wide range of price points for any website reseller program that you join, so consider these costs and all of the services that are tied into them as you go about selecting a package or program. Do not let these costs guide you explicitly toward or away from one company or another, but do consider it as part of your overall factors.

Pick a website reseller package that has a good reputation tied to it. This is reasonable enough to find out just by searching around online. Some will have good reputations, and others will be less reputable and therefore will likely have less resellers within their various programs. Going with the most popular of these packages, then, usually means you will be picking out the most widely regarded ones too.

Pick a website reseller package that uses cutting edge tools and techniques to gain more positive results for clients. Companies that seem antiquated in their offerings probably are not as up to date on this stuff as companies that are out ahead of these trends, or at least that are right on top of them. This knowledge will be discovered through interviewing these program representatives, through researching them, and through reading everything you can about them online.

Pick a website reseller package that speaks to you. Yes, do all of the other things mentioned in this article to help ensure the strongest and best of the website reseller packages is chosen. But also trust your gun instinct. It likely has paid off for you in the past, so use it here too. Take the factors that are mentioned elsewhere here and combine them into one reasonable package, then throw in your instinct. This helps to pick between two different website reseller programs too.

The Advantages of Resell Websites

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It is hard to believe that the internet has been around for two whole decades now. For some reason, it still feels like it is a new invention. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it seems like it keeps reinventing itself, and becoming faster, smarter, and more efficient all the time. Considering all the new internet technologies that are being developed by the week, the most successful companies must remain abreast of these changes, and learn to use them to their advantage. Resell websites are one such technology that the most ambitious companies have utilized to gain an edge over their competition. By enlisting the services of the premier website reseller companies, businesses position themselves to achieve their loftiest online marketing goals.

Firms that offer resell websites can provide their clients with a variety of website reseller packages and website reseller programs to meet their specific needs. Additionally, resell websites are not only highly flexible and customizable, but they save clients significant amounts of time and money. When companies hire the services of a resell websites consultant, they reap the awards of highly specialized knowledge and experience with anything related to online marketing and search engine optimization. Furthermore, since resell website are already at the starting gate, and feature the latest, cutting edge web design technologies, clients can hit the ground running with their online marketing campaigns.

In this day and age, there are more marketing opportunities than ever before. However, that also means that there are more competitors than ever before. Hence, if companies plan on remaining relevant 5, 10, or 20 years down the line, they should take advantage of resell websites. By doing so, companies will be able to gain an edge over their competitors, while saving considerable time and money. If one stops and weighs the benefits of resell websites versus their cost, there is no good excuse for companies not to give resell websites a shot.

How To Get Started As A Website Reseller

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Whether you are a website reseller currently, or someone who wants to look into different marketing professions online, you should know that it is possible to resell websites and make a profit doing so. As with any type of sales, you need to know what you are selling, and you need to know that the product you are offering is something that clients want. A website reseller is someone who provides businesses, organizations, and individuals with a website that comes in a complete package. These websites can come with their own search engine optimization, hosting packages, and eCommerce applications whenever necessary. As a website reseller you do not need to actually know how to create those yourself; instead, you will be acting as the middle man between a supplier and a client that you bring to the table.

A website reseller package could include everything that you need to get started, from the right tools to organize client orders and content, to benchmarking tools and analyzing software that you can use to determine the quality of the website itself. Website reseller packages can also include more specific services, like Flash presentations, eCommerce platforms, customer support ticket response systems, and more. Every website reseller program is specifically created to meet the needs of the client, which it is your job as a website reseller to discover. Once you know what your clients are after, it will make it far easier to find website reseller programs that are the perfect fit for those goals. You can also use your programs to create a continuing source of revenue, thanks to the hosting packages which are available. Many of these programs provide you with a percentage of hosting costs for as long as your client is enrolled, creating passive income. Once you have several clients at once, this could become a significant portion of your annual profits.

While being a website reseller is not for everyone, it does have many advantages and rewards. You can choose to branch out into other forms of resale, such as SEO reselling or social media reselling, which can boost the traffic your clients see and give them even more reasons to buy products, services, and content from you. The best way to become a successful website reseller is to start on the right foot, so be sure to review companies you can work with.