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Get More From Your Blog When You Market It

Written by Website Reseller. Posted in Homepage

Companies choose to outsource their SEO for a number of valid reasons. About 62% of companies were performing social media in house in 2010, but a year later that fell to just 55% of companies. A lack of talent, technology, and time are some of the reasons that online marketing activities and SEO get shifted.

When you choose an SEO firm, you can usually hand over control of everything from onsite optimization, to link building, to off site optimization like your blog, if you wish. SEO firms are amazing, but they cannot always handle every minute aspect. You may want or even need someone at your company to maintain some control over the blog. If that is the case, then here are three blog marketing tips and some free SEO tips to help you.

  1. Treat your blog like the SEO tool that it is.
  2. Most people intuitively know that more than 90% of all experiences online start with the search engine. This is of course significant for SEO, but you can also use this fact to take advanta