High Level Search Engine Optimization Can Make the Difference For Your Firm!

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Search engine optimization

Did you know that Internet publishers that use infographics increase their online traffic by 12 percent over those who do not use infographics? As well, approximately 67 out of 100 consumers report that product photo quality is significant to them in regards to making purchases online. Another important thing to consider is that somewhere between 70 and 80 percent of all web users totally ignore sponsored advertising, choosing instead to click on the organic results for which they searched. As well, this same percentage of users never scrolls past the first page of search results. it is therefore clear that paid advertising does not work to increase Continue Reading No Comments

Why Search Engine Results Matter to Companies

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Google, today, is one of the world’s most high tech companies. However, things at Google were not always so high tech. When Google first started out, its founders had to use Lego bricks to create storage units for the hard drives running their ground breaking PageRank algorithm. Today, thankfully Google can afford to be a little more professional, but one thing that has not changed is their use of ground breaking algorithms to help searches.

These algorithms, like PageRank, are at the core of their search engine, also called Google. Today, Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Google and other search engines work by scouring the internet and assigning websites a search engine ranking base