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SEO, Changing The Game of Online Advertisement

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Did you know over 100 billion searches are preformed on a search engine each month. With those astounding numbers internet marketing is taking off. Over half of internet consumers begin their search for a product using a search engine. This is much higher than the 24 percent that start out on company websites, or the 18 percent that use social media platforms. With Google holding 65 to 70 percent of the internet search engine market in their hands that is no surprise. Internet marketing is ever changing and evolving with consumer sale needs, setting itself up for success.

One of the newest rising internet marketing techniques is called SEO, or search engine optimization. This new technique utilizes the overwhelming use of search engines like Google. Seo marketing techniques have an astounding 14.6 percent closing rate as opposed to outbound leads that hold about a 1.7 percent success rate. The proof is in the pudding with the numbers SEO techniques are generating. The use of SEO marketing is causing small business search engine rankings to sky rocket. These new internet techniques are modern and built for todays market. Seo marketing uses organic content in comparison to the typical paid advertisement. By doing this they are causing popularity for businesses on the web everywhere.

Typical SEO tools utilize things such as SEO blogs. These blogs are informative and engaging, they are also built to attract the typical web user. They way these blogs, articles, and other web content work is through being informative in opposition to persuasive. The SEO content created by the internet marketing team any particular online business has chosen is crafted especially for that specific business. The content often utilizes key words that will direct the consumer to the companies page on the web. This new internet marketing technique is successful for both parties involved. It advertises for the company contracted with the SEO marketing team, but also informs internet surfers with engaging online content. By doing this they are giving both parties what they are asking for.

Other benefits to this new internet marketing technique are things like the competitive price. With SEO marketing costing about 61 percent less than the average paid advertisement campaign. It doesn’t give the client much to complain about. With internet marketing companies changing their ways, it seems that paid advertisements may become obsolete on the web in the next few years. I am sure this will make both parties happy, considering a lot of internet users have complained that paid advertisements often get in the way of their internet experience. Hopefully these new internet marketing techniques will better suit the internet for all parties, making a content company and also a happy consumer.

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  1. Search engine results are super important if your trying to market your company on the web. I know google is my homepage. idk about you.

  2. Search engine results are super important if your trying to market your company on the web. I know google is my homepage. idk about you.

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