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Why Search Engines Are Such an Important Part of Online Marketing


In this day and age, few things influence the success and failure of a company like the internet. Search engines are one of the most important segments of the internet, as they are a big part of internet marketing. When people want a product or service, they typically research where to get it or what to buy on sites like Google and other search engines.

Just on its own, Google receives around seven tenths of the internet search marketing share. Google makes a difference for companies because it is so influential to online marketing. Companies invest in search engine optimization services which help to improve their search engine rankings. This is especially important because your average search engine user doesn’t go past the first page of search engine results.

Interestingly, by 2014, it is estimated that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop computer internet usage. Therefore, another very important part of online marketing involves mobile website optimization. When a company has a website that is easily accessible via a tablet or mobile device, customers are more likely to visit said site more often. However, a good mobile website on its own is generally not enough; companies need a strong overall web presence, including a website that is both attractive and easily navigable.

Pretty much any online marketing needs can be met through the efforts of a good search engine optimization company. From creating and running blogs to creating a website to running a social media account for a client, the work of an SEO company is integral to the success of their clients.

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