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SEO Blogs Are Important to Website Rankings


If you own a business you may be considering using a website to increase sales. This is actually quite an effect method of getting more leads; however, your website must be search engine optimized to be successful.

You may think that search engine optimization is simply using a lot of keywords within in your content. However, while keywords are important, there are many other parts needed for a successful digital marketing plan, including email campaigns and SEO blogs.

You probably know that to get increased visitor traffic, you need to be listed high on the search engine results. Did you know that the “PageRank” algorithm is actually named after Google co founder Larry Page? Another interesting fact about Google that you may find on SEO blogs is that goats rented from a local grazing company mow the lawns of the company headquarters. Oh, and SEO blogs may also give you a look at the first ever Google tweet which was binary code for “I’m feeling lucky.” That tweet was tweeted on February 26th, 2009.

SEO blogs can also help you with getting top ranking organic results. Organic click through rates provide a 25 percent higher conversion rate that payer per click rates. Because people are not likely to click on paid listings you will want to make sure you have good SEO blogs and content that will provide those organic results at the top of the listings.

Companies that have SEO blogs have 434 percent more indexed pages with resulting higher lead rates. In addition to SEO blogs, your marketing plan for your website should include optimization for mobile devices. This is integral because statistics show that about 48 percent of mobile devices users will use that devices to look up sales, promotions, or product reviews.

SEO blogs and general SEO will also provide a great return on investment. Leads from SEO blogs cost about 61 percent less than other leads from traditional sources such as cold calling. This makes SEO and SEO blogs and marketing a great way to turn a small investment into a profitable source of new leads.

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