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Your search engine rankings are an important component of the performance of your website. More than 100 billion internet searches are done every month, making search engines one of the most powerful tools for finding things on earth. Being able to harness this power by tailoring your marketing strategy towards how search engines work can greatly boost your search engine rankings, and thereby your web traffic and sales.

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, does this. Each search engine works by having users enter search terms and finding webpages with those words. The more frequently the search terms appear in a given webpage, the higher its rank will be. Most people never get past the first page of their search results, so having a high search results rank can have a big influence on your success. SEO finds which search terms are most associated with your business and products and rewrites the text content of your webpage to incorporate them more, boosting your search engine rankings. This can boost traffic on your webpage, generating more interest in your business and thereby more sales. Now that more than 70 million users with tablets and smartphones are connected to the internet all the time, successfully marketing your business on the internet is more important than ever.

Boosting your search engine rankings with SEO is also one of the more cost effective techniques available. SEO, for instance, costs about 60% less than outbound leads, like cold calling. Also, SEO has around seven times the close rate of outbound leads. Further, SEO is more effective than other popular internet marketing techniques. Rather than paying for pay per click advertizements, like sponsored links, SEO generates about 25% higher conversion rates than these kinds of advertizements.

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