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Climb to the Summit of the SEO Mountain!


92 out of 100 adults in the U.S. perform a search online at least once per day? When using a search engine, 75 percent of people focus on their organic search results and not on sponsored ads. According to SEO news sources, 42 percent of those people using search engines click on the top ranking search result.

The big thing in SEO news right now is blogging. Businesses that blog have an amazing 434 percent more indexed web pages than those who do not blog. This results in more leads. Leads generated by SEO have a 15.6 percent rate of close in contrast with outbound leads, that have a close rate of just 1.7 percent. if you are not on top of the , most up to date SEO tools and SEO news out there, you are not going to flourish in the competitive online retail environment of today.

The good SEO news is that there are highly trained internet marketing experts who can help you learn all of the latest SEO news. If you hire SEO marketing consultants, your organization will have a much better chance of building a web based marketing strategy that will extend and broaden your internet presence. You may know everything there is to know about your own particular industry, but chances are, you are not a marketing expert, and you probably do not have access to the best and most up to date SEO news. So it makes sense to partner up with an SEO news organization that employs the best people in the internet marketing field.

Content writers and other team members who who will work on your online marketing strategy s have access, due to their extensive experience, to a great deal of SEO news related regarding how to successfully promote businesses online and capture new customers. Therefore, the writers with whom you will be working on search engine optimization can maximize your online marketing presence in order to take your business to a new level of online visibility. And that is SEO news that is fit to print!

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