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High Level Search Engine Optimization Can Make the Difference For Your Firm!

Search engine optimization

Did you know that Internet publishers that use infographics increase their online traffic by 12 percent over those who do not use infographics? As well, approximately 67 out of 100 consumers report that product photo quality is significant to them in regards to making purchases online. Another important thing to consider is that somewhere between 70 and 80 percent of all web users totally ignore sponsored advertising, choosing instead to click on the organic results for which they searched. As well, this same percentage of users never scrolls past the first page of search results. it is therefore clear that paid advertising does not work to increase search engine rankings, but that organic search engine optimization must be performed in order to keep your website high up in the search engine rankings.

What actually does pay off in terms of increasing Google rankings and other search engine rankings is a strong search engine optimization marketing plan. If you yourself are not an expert in Search Engine Optimization, you can hire a local search engine optimization agency. There are many affordable search engine optimization companies and internet advertising agencies that would be happy to have your business. A local search engine optimization agency can maximize your online visibility by means of producing excellent content. As well creative advertising agencies often double as top website design companies. These companies can make sure that your site is easily navigable and user friendly across all screens, be they desktop or mobile.

A local search engine optimization agency can also conduct an email marketing campaign for your products and services. Studies have shown that consumers receiving marketing emails from a local search engine optimization agency on behalf of their favorite brands have been shown to make purchases that are 44 percent larger than those made by people who do not get marketing emails. A local search engine optimization agency will know how to reach your target demographic and will be able to craft a punchy email that prospective customers will appreciate. The writers working on email campaigns at a local search engine optimization agency have a great deal of experience creating these emails, and their work should help drive your ability to capture new customers.

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