How is Steel Made? – Work Flow Management

It is used in steel structures such as cars and buildings. In the world, there are 1864 million tonnes of steel made each year. But, how exactly does iron ore become steel? In this short video, you will learn the process of making steel.

Iron ore mining begins by removing it from the soil. It is then transported to an area. The magnetic rollers are utilized to take out the iron. For cooking, the elemental iron can be gathered into clumps. The blast furnace cooks this iron. The blast furnace, which heats iron very quickly it is utilized to make it cook. There is another component to steel. Coal is cooked in a blast furnace until it turns into a raw form of carbon referred to as coke. To create pig iron the coke is blended with the iron from the blast furnace. Following that, additional additives like Chromium, Cobalt, and Titanium are added to the iron pig. This imparts the pig iron different traits which can be observed in the steel when it is finished. Lastly, this molten steel alloy goes through the casters and then takes on its final shape as a steel beam.


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