Tips for Plumbing a Bathroom – Code Android

Learn the basic code to assist you with understanding how to DIY your plumbing in your bathroom.

Beginning with the basic measurements will be required to plumb your bathroom properly Learn how to install the flange on your toilet to be placed correctly. The instructional video will consider wall surfaces that are finished or unfinished. This video will demonstrate how to properly place your drain for your bathtub and what to do with the lines to the bathroom.

What size trap adapter or P-trap do you require? This video can help you decide. This video will teach you how to connect your bathroom plumbing with the building drain.

Proper venting is essential in plumbing. You can find out which vent size you should use when you look up the plumbing codes. The instructional video will help understand which works best to meet your requirements.

And that’s not the only thing! It is also possible to download two drawings for free when continuing to the end in order to get a better idea of the plumbing of your bathroom.

You want to find out more information about plumbing in the bathroom? You can watch the video today.


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