3 Common Reasons Custody Law Attorneys Often See For Custody Splits – Free Litigation Advice

The video will discuss the top reasons why parents lose custody.
Dissolutions can be difficult however, they’re much more challenging when kids are involved. Child custody disputes can result when emotional and legal issues collide, causing more complications to the matter.
In guiding you on the best way to proceed, and how to improve it, a child custody lawyer will assist you in avoiding losing custody. This is one of the most common mistakes committed by people fighting to get custody.
1. Failure or unwillingness to communicate in partnership with the parent who is not yours: A skilled custody law attorney or family lawyer can help you communicate effectively and give advice on when you should give up and when it’s the right time to assert yourself to defend yourself.
2. The refusal of permission from another parent to visit: You should not attempt to alter a court-approved timetable for visits without consulting an attorney.
3. Defying a court order- If you refuse to obey a court order, the judge will see it as disrespect for the legal jurisdiction as well as contempt of court. awhlbop8jl.

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