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arees, and sometimes away from properties of the business. There are also accidents that could happen and affect employees of the company. General liability includes injuries or damages resulting from manufactured products or services provided by companies. Also, it is possible that the products sold by businesses can cause harm or injury, even though they were not responsible for their manufacturing.

General liability risk is also a concern for companies including Universities. It is the reason why some universities extend their insurance coverage to students. However, students are only protected if they engage in approved activities that are within their courses. Students also are covered in the event that their institution defends them in negligence lawsuits against it.

Here are some general liability risk examples faced by the most common kinds of companies:

Service for Wreckers

A wrecker service must be aware of various general liability concerns. A car wrecker service vehicle can cause harm to another person as well as damage to property. In the event of such an incident, companies may be forced to cover medical expenses of passengers, drivers or anyone else injured in an auto-related injury.

Well Drilling Companies

The possibility of property belonging to third parties being damaged through well drilling companies’ business operations and employees is there always. General liability is the term which this is a part of. It is the responsibility of the business to pay repair or replacement costs if this happens. A technician assigned by the business may do a mistake using the power tool that results an injury to a homeowner’s home. You could also have a contractor from the same company being accused of worsening the crack of a customer’s well. Each of these is a general dangers for liability in a drilling business.

Cremation Services

A cremation service faces unique


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