Benefits and Drawbacks of Reselling for SEO Companies

What is SEO marketing? SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the process of optimizing web content in order to increase a website ranking in search engines. SEO techniques are varied but usually include constant creation of new and relevant content in the form of articles, blurbs and blogs. It can also refer to web design, link sharing and social media marketing. Though it is possible for individuals to practice some SEO techniques on their own website, hiring a professional is recommended since SEO companies have detailed and in depth knowledge about specific issues with web formatting and how search engine algorithms calculate words.

Modern SEO marketing is also known as white label marketing. The alternative, black hat marketing, is different from the above described methodology and relies more on tricking search engines into assuming content is relevant. Such tricks include putting white key words on a white background, or including them in very small text in a paragraph at the bottom of a page. There are several drawbacks to this system. First, the results are varied. Search engines are constantly being refined and often pick up on illegitimate words. Second, it can create a less professional site, which matters when one is trying to relay an impression to consumers about value.

Another aspect of SEO companies is the website reseller programs. SEO companies want to reach as many clients as possible in as many markets as possible, while spending the least amount of money on marketing and advertising. For this they outsource to website resellers. The website reseller packages they sell to individuals or smaller companies basically give them the ability to sell their services for them, at whatever price the resellers think is right for the markets they are targeting. Good website reseller programs assist and educate the reseller while also helping them set up resell websites and plans for marketing.

One current drawback to website reseller programs is that there is often a disconnect created between the client and the writer since the information has to go through so many channels. Often writers are only given a few keywords to use and nothing more, making the writing less targeted and relevant than it could be with more information about the companies. Website reseller programs that do not have good communication with their resellers sometimes fail to gather all the necessary information.

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