Five Tips for a More Engaging, More Effective Blog

Did you know that half of all marketers cite their blog content as a “very effective” tool in their SEO arsenal? Many have made the mistake of thinking SEO optimization centers around keywords and back-linking, but as time goes forward, Google, owning more than 70% of the U.S. market share for search engines, is continuing to evolve the search experience to favor those focusing on quality content production. Bloggers, whether they write for business or pleasure, need to take certain things into account if they want to get themselves noticed on the web and have a chance of generating any revenue from their words.

  1. Success Takes Time
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    Delia Lloyd of the Huffington Post writes that one of the most important daily blogging tips is to write consistently, regardless of how you are feeling. The fact is that no matter how many SEO blog tips you use, it is going to take time for your page to get noticed. There is a reason this is #1 among our daily blogging tips; it does not matter how well you can write or market if you quit.

  3. Be Useful
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    After perseverance, utility can be said to be the next most important among SEO tips for blogs. According to writetodone.com, you need to offer every reader a service. Note, however, that “service” can mean many things. If you write a blog featuring creative writing, then offer people high quality samples that keep them entertained. Entertainment, after all, is useful. On the other hand, if you maintain a blog about your business, be sure to talk about different facets, allowing people to learn your business and, in turn, giving them reason to make a purchase.

  5. Integrate Your Content
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    The Guardian rightly points out that integrating your content across the web is big among all successful blogging tips. Consider, 1.7 billion people use Facebook and Twitter, according to Internet World Stats. Why not share your blog content on those platforms and raise your chances of getting noticed?

  7. Make Your Title Pop
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    Search Engine Watch writes that making your title and, indeed, all of your content pop is essential to it being noticed and clicked on by web users. This can be especially true when trying to increase view-through conversion rates. View-through conversion is the percentage of users who see an ad but do not click it. Rather, they go directly to the associated page and take the desired action. Producing catchy titles and slogans can be key to generating this type of traffic.

  9. Protect Your Brand
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    After successfully implementing the previous daily blogging tips, there is a considerable chance that you will have developed a following. Like all forms of marketing, once you have gained even a modicum of buzz, others will try and piggy back off you. By implementing the “nofollow” value into your blog, a tool originally created in 2005, you can keep spam comments from flooding your page.

Whether you are looking to increase your reader base for your personal or professional blog, using these five daily blogging tips can get you where you want to go. Just remember that the most important part is to stick with it. Nothing worth doing was ever easy, after all.

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