Three Reasons to Use Website Reseller Programs

Did you know that, according to Internet World Stats, 78.1% of Americans and 34.3% of the world now use the internet for work and play? Those numbers represent over 2 billion people who could be finding and using your service based on your webpage alone. However, if your webpage is stuck in the past and offers nothing useful to potential clients, you will go nowhere fast. Here are three ways utilizing website reseller programs can help you avoid that fate.

  • Use of Meta-tags for SEO
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    Most web-based businesses understand that utilizing SEO tools like keywords, target phrases, and link-building are incredibly important to building your presence on the net. Why? According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. If you are not visible in search engines, like Google, then you will have a much harder time generating increased traffic and revenue.

    Website reseller packages can offer your business not only a beautifully designed, modern webpage, but they can also grant you access to advanced SEO techniques. For instance, as Search Engine Watch points out, utilizing meta-tags is a great way to increase the amount of searchable content on your pages. Title, description, keywords, and robot are all important meta-tags to optimize for improved search engine visibility. Website reseller programs can take care of those for you.

  • Mobile Optimization
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    According to Pew Internet, 56% of American adults now utilize smartphones to access the web on the go. KISSMetrics writes that 25% of mobile users expect to use their devices to surf the web at least once a day. Clearly, making yourself available to mobile users is going to continue to grow in importance as time goes by.

    Many businesses do not realize how much the small things matter to mobile users. Is your site streamlined for quick, intuitive navigation on a smartphone? How long does it take your page to load? According to NBC News, the majority of mobile users, 68% of them, say that a website that takes too long to load will drive them a way. Make sure your site is optimized by utilizing website reseller programs.

  • Implementation of Landing Pages
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    HubSpot writes that landing pages are fast becoming one of the number one ways businesses can improve their inbound lead generation. The reason is simple; customization. By using a landing page, your business can acquire your visitors’ information and then direct them to customized content on your site. Imagine, your business designs custom, handmade wood products. On the landing page, your user inputs that they are interested in English style chests made from hardwood. They are then directed immediately to your pages that pertain to those options. This immediately shows them you have something to offer. Landing pages can be built by website reseller programs and customized to each input option.

No matter what kind of business you run, utilizing high quality website reseller programs can help you to become a force to be reckoned with on the web. These professionals can build you mobile optimized pages that use meta-tagging and custom landing pages to help you succeed. What are you waiting for?

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