Busting Myths About Methadone Clinics – Health Talk Online

A myth states that new patients receive methadone therapy as soon as they arrive at the methadone clinic. The truth is that it isn’t true. It is not true. Before granting treatment for methadone, the medical facility must be aware that the patient has a genuine dependency on any drug. Furthermore, the individual must have a toxicology report that supports the claim. The doctor will perform tests to determine if the victim has any drug in the system prior to starting treatment.

The methadone clinic will most likely have a limit as to what it will offer an incoming patient. There is a chance that the most amount of methadone that a clinic could issue to a newly arrived client may not exceed 30 mg. This amount could be susceptible to alteration. Another myth about methadone clinics is that they require clients be tested in order to detect drugs at every visit , and at what dose. This myth is false. An obligatory urine test will be conducted upon admission to the clinic. In the next month, random test will take place. There is more info on myths and misconceptions by watching the video. za7lq6vx3k.

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