Dental Restoration After an Accident Get Your Smile Back – Dental Magazine

The physical injury can be fixed. Also, it improves the appearance and aesthetics of damaged teeth. The bonding process can also be useful in fixing other imperfections like gaps, discolored teeth and visible gums.

Braces as well as dental bonding may be utilized as an alternative to dental bonding for dental damage. Braces can help correct your teeth after they’re misaligned as a result of accidents. There are several types of braces you could get to restore your teeth, the most used being the metallic braces. Also, ceramic braces, which are translucent and provide the possibility of fixing your teeth.

However, if you want to keep from recovering from your accident and look as if you were a teenager, you should consider getting the Invisalign treatment. These braces, sometimes referred to as aligners, serve for repairing your teeth. Nobody will even notice how they’re placed. No matter what the style you prefer is, consult with your dentist, who will assist you in creating a custom treatment plan for your teeth.

Veneers and Crowns for White Smile

Crowns and veneers are used to treat dental injuries in addition to improving the look and appearance. The veneers cover the imperfections of your teeth by being bonded to your front teeth. They can also help in the repair of minor dental injury after an accident, like chipping and cracked teeth.

Veneers, especially porcelain ones can provide an impressive aesthetic transformation to damaged teeth. Veneers make a good alternative to dental bonding for those who want a sparkling white smile.

Like veneers, dental crowns protect your teeth from damage. They’re similar to a “cap” completely covering the tooth’s surface. In turn, it shields teeth from further damage while improving the structural strength.

Crowns can be purchased in many different options such as zirconia and porcelain. They can improve the look of the crown.


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