DIY Spring Craft Organization Ideas! – Toronto Poets

There’s been a time when you’re able to delay the intensive studio cleanup. Scrapbooking fanatics have an extra trouble with this considering all the tiny stickers and paper cut-outs that they use in their work. Do not worry about it, crafters! There are countless DIY solutions to make your space appear more organized and less as if that a storm swept over it. This video offers a simple guide on how to create useful envelopes and pouches made of laminate for storing even the small crafting items.

To make custom laminating pouches to fit the entire contents, be sure to leave around half an inch of space to move around when you join the sheets of plastic together. It will stop them from being too tight on your equipment. The pockets need a laminating machine for sealing the exteriors However, you may also apply packaging tape. Tape may not last as long but it’ll provide enough assistance for your paper and equipment. Be sure to label your bags to tidy up your creativity space.


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