Everything You Should Know About NEMA Configurations – Kredy Online

according to the NEMA configurations. National Electrical Manufacturers Association creates specifications for electrical products, including NEMA straight-bladed cords, enclosures and connectors.

NEMA standardization decreases risks by ensuring uniform style along with voltage and phase as well as amperage. The number 1 in the NEMA configuration represents the style that is used, and L signifies that the plug or connector has a twist lock in order to protect against accidental pulling out. The number indicates how much power they’re capable of handling in terms of amperage and voltage. Be sure your device meets the amperage and voltage specifications that you have set for your cord prior to connecting it into your PC. This is your device’s configuration number and is used to identify specific applications.

NEMA straight-blade configurations for straight-bladed cords differ according to the type of device for example, lamps, fans or bigger appliances like dryers, motors and washers. Two-digits following the dash in the NEMA configuration is the amperage. The final letter in the configuration represents the device type for easy recognition. The plug is P, the connector is C The receptacle’s name is R.


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