Fire Rages at Broncos Empower Field Todays Entertainment News

ey just can’t seem to catch a break. Yesterday an incident of fire broke out in Empower Field in Denver, Colorado. This video will showcase some of the images taken from the flame, captured by Denver’s local television station.

Onlookers initially noticed a plume of black smoke rising out of the stadium. It was awe-inspiring to watch this stadium that is a professional soccer stadium go on an explosion. It appeared that the smoke was growing from the northeast area of the stadium. This was confirmed by several images. Videos were also taken in Denver 7’s media helicopter. It is evident that the seats in the second level appeared to have been burned by the flames. A large portion of seats was colored black and not the typical blue navy. This is believed to be parts 332 and 333. You can also see several firefighters washing the seats. The Broncos have a good chance to need to employ some fire restoration services to repair this section before the next game. The fire was put out however, the issue is under investigation.


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