Getting Started in the Paving Business – This Week Magazine

Dave Strand became involved with the asphalt sealing industry. He encountered a person who was named Paul. He was quite young. His old seal coating equipment was still operating. In the past, all was used were sealers made from oil. Paul went to Detroit to buy 100 gallons asphalt sealers. He would blend it with oil as asphalt sealers don’t dissolve through water. Paul and Dave would then knock on the doors. Homeowners would get informed that their driveways must be sealed by them. Dave finally decided to go into the unknown after a few years. The first time, it was a trip to a local hardware shop and purchased an sealer that came in five gallon pales. It wasn’t until the following year when he decided to purchase his first pickup truck. He found surface coating companies which could offer sealers. His problem is that it was difficult to fluidize the sealer. The solution was water. He also used a boat engine to mix the sealent. He would have his employee assist him in this. Paving asphalt isn’t an easy job. It’s not an easy task to begin your own company. Keep watching this video for additional information. rpunmvn9cj.

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