How Are Undersea Cables Protected? – Tech Talk Radio Show

The internet can function just well with just a few undersea cables. Without the cables seals to protect them from damage and keep them safe, they’d be not very efficient even. Let’s take a look at how cables that are undersea protected.
First and foremost, undersea cables are incredibly efficient in insulating. The insulation guards the fiber optics and wires within each cable from the effects of moisture. This insulation also helps ensure every wire isn’t smashed by the weight of the ocean’s waves. Since undersea cables are situated in the ocean floor, they could endure extreme pressure. If the water pressure breaches any part of the cable the cable will cease functioning properly.
Protecting cables from marine wildlife is also crucial. It is important to not only preserve cables but to ensure that marine life is protected. They are safe from any damage caused by toothy creatures that might be looking for food. 9p543rdhlx.

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