How to Use Pellets for Horse Stalls – Pets For Kids

EquiEvolve Coaching looks at the benefits of using wood pellets to build horse stalls.

Wood pellet bags are generally 15kg or 32 lbs. If you’ve got an empty box stall, between six and ten bags will be required for an average box stall. You also need water. Every brand of wood pellets will require different amounts. The water helps the pellets increase their size to create a fluffy bed.

It is possible to add water to slightly opened bags of pellets, so that they flutter up in the bags, or simply pour dry pellets into a bucket , and then add water. In order to absorb urine more effectively some owners of horses like to put dry pellets over the areas which the horses frequently go to. Once the pellets have dried then they’re spread out over the rest of the stall.

Once the pellets have been soaked for 10 minutes, if they still appear firm even after this time then you may add liquid to help make them more humid. Continue this process until your bedding is fluffy. You can mix pellets together with other beddings to make the bedding more affordable. zw1c1efuec.

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