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Furthermore, students seeking to enter medical fields could qualify for student loan cancellation. It’s part of FELS (Forgivable Education Loans for Service) Program , wherein students are able to be eligible to have a percentage or all their student loan debts forgiven for working in an eligible field within North Carolina. An array of medical, allied, and nursing courses are examples of FELS-eligible professions. Be sure to find out if the program meets the criteria to be eligible for the cancellation of student loans.

11. Data Analysts

Data analytics is one area that has witnessed a boom in the past decade. Big data isn’t just an euphemism, it’s a growing field with lucrative opportunities for college graduates. As a matter of fact it is true that the projected careers within the fields of information and computer researchers (which also includes data analysts) are among the most impressive available.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the expected growth rate for jobs in the field of 16 percent . This is nearly three times higher than the national average growth rate for jobs, which is five percent. This is a wonderful chance to make some serious money. If you are looking for a career in this sector, it is a good idea to have the degree of a master’s student in computer science.

In the event that you want to smash glass ceilings and tear down walls in an industry that is traditionally male-dominated, data science may be one of the most promising areas. An article from F q99mgbx2yl.

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