Safely Sawing Concrete – Home Efficiency Tips

While ng isn’t safe however, it can be made more secure with the proper products and follow all required safety precautions.

Make two cuts, then cut one. You can feel confident that your job has been executed correctly with the aid of a reference, for example, an outline of chalk pencil, spray paint or a chalk. It’s much easier to move a chalk line than a cutting in stone.

Concrete cutting is a technique that needs water to perform. This is an incredibly common technique. This keeps the debris out of the the cutting path. It also helps to reduce friction between the two substances and also keeps the concrete dust out of the air. As mentioned in the video You must make sure you’re not applying too much water. You should research the best amount of water for the specific blade you’re using. If you go over the limit, it could result in damages that are beyond repair. Make sure to remember that using water in power tools poses an electric shock risk. it’s recommended that you use an RFI outlet that is able to turn off the electrical circuit in the event of a short.


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