The Evolution of Product Mascots – Art Magazines Online

Geico gecko Geico gecko is America’s most loved mascot. While the Geico gecko is a well-known symbol, other mascots have been in existence for longer than this popular reptile. In fact, everything from Tony Tiger to Chester Cheetah nearly every popular food brand has some sort or mascot attached to the brand. This video will explain what mascots today are based on in the past!

Julio is the Pringles Man is first on this list. The official name for Julio is the name of Pringles Mascot is Julio. Most people are not conscious that he has one. Julio has undergone an enormous transformation over the last few decades, with the addition of his mouth. In the next step, Cornelius Rooster is America’s corn flakes’s face, making his debut in the mid-1850s. Cornelius Rooster used to be just black and white due to the printing era which he was designed in. Even had his own personal cartoon and merchandise line back in those days! The Michelin Man was originally an unnerving mascot and the mighty Mr. Peanut has switched the part of his hat he wears to in recent years.


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