The Facts about Why Resellers Decide to Outsource SEO

Did you know that, along with email, search engines are the most used application on the web? Every day, over a billion searches are routed through search engines such as Google. Many of these searches are inquiries about possible products and services the user is interested in. For businesses that want to increase their web visibility, it is important to rank high in organic search engine results, which is why many companies invest in search engine optimization, or SEO.

There are many web companies that sell services like email, PPC management, and social media marketing to their clients. These companies would often like to add SEO to their list of services they can offer, however, they lack the investment ability or size to really get involved with SEO on a professional and knowledgeable level. These web companies want to offer SEO in order to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded market. For this reason, they often become website resellers.

What is a website reseller? This is someone who takes one web service and resells it to another end user, basically acting as a middleman between the two. In the case of SEO, resellers usually pay monthly fees for a website reseller package. For this fee, they get access to reseller information and education, as well as useful tools for clients such as marketing tools that monitor the progress of SEO campaigns. Did you know SEO leads have an almost 15 percent close rate? Marketing analysis tools help resellers maximize results for their clients.

Why does the website reseller package cost money, when the reseller is ultimately finding clients for the SEO company? Most of this money goes toward support. A good SEO company helps the reseller set up the SEO section of their website, and offers continual support on understanding how to sell SEO services to clients. They also allow the reseller access to white label SEO, which means that, although the content is being outsourced from a professional, it will still bear the name of the original company, so that their marketing appears streamlined and unified to customers.

Good website reseller programs are a partnership between the reseller and the SEO company. The SEO company gains more clients through the reseller, and the reseller has a greater variety of web services to offer to their clients. Website reseller packages also allow resellers to earn money themselves, since they are allowed to resell the SEO services at whatever price they choose. For this reason, some resellers are not online marking companies, but are just people creating additional income for themselves.

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