Tips for Metal Fabrication – Reference Video.net

It takes a lot of repetition. Learning is more efficient if you’ve had more experience in metal fabrication. In the video below, you will learn some techniques that metal fabricators might apply in their everyday tasks.

This video will show you how to determine the central point in an oval-shaped piece metal. You’ll need Sharpie markers as well as a square larger than the circle. Draw two lines using a line across the middle of the circle and the edge of the circle. Repeat the process again as you connect the marks to an edge straight. The lines will cross and mark the center of the circle.

You can then use templates to find holes. Then you won’t be able to spot holes within doors that are already in place if you connect it to one. Attach a piece of paper template over the holes, then poke holes into the paper to mark where the holes already exist. Put the door on the template and mark the door by using the Sharpie.

If you want to learn more tricks and tips you can watch the instructional video at the top of this page.


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