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The use of robotic surgery is made of specific tools which can be remotely controlled by computers. Robotic surgery offers many benefits in terms of precision, as well as lesser pain. Also, it is faster to recover. The use of robotic surgery is across a variety of fields, such as gynecology and urology.

Within the field of gynecology Robotic surgery is used to perform procedures like hysterectomies or myomectomies. The procedures are performed with less blood loss and higher risk of complications than traditional procedures.

For the area of urology, robotic surgery is being used to carry out procedures like prostatectomies and nephrectomies. The technology allows surgeons to do these procedures without bleeding and less complications than conventional surgeries.

For general surgery, robotic surgery is used to perform procedures such as gastrectomies or colon resections. The technology allows surgeons to do these procedures using less blood loss and fewer complications than conventional surgery.

Another effective and minimally invasive method that is growing in popularity is the telemedicine. The technology lets patients connect with their physicians remotely via video conference. This is particularly beneficial for those who reside in areas that are remote or suffer from problems with mobility. Telemedicine is a way for patients to access medical attention without the need to travel. This can help them cut down on time and costs.

Additionally, there are new, methods that are minimally invasive and being developed in the field of Regenerative Medicine. They include stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy. These treatments use the patient’s own cells to promote the healing process and regenerate. These therapies are still at the beginning of development, but they hold promise for treating a variety different conditions like tendinitis, osteoarthritis and chronic wound healing.

The risks to be considered when performing minimally invasive procedures

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