What Are Your Options for Low Testosterone Treatment? – Rochester Magazine

Here we will look at some of the more common methods for dealing with testosterone.
The most well-known treatment option to treat low testosterone is the use of patches. These patches look like nicotine patches or bandages, and they’re designed to be placed on the skin for a few hours for a period of time. They contain testosterone that can be transmitted via the skin into those who suffer from the disease. Another topical option comes in the form of a gel, which can be applied to the skin to be absorbed this way. If you’re looking for alternatives that do not require surgery, this may be a good choice.
Additionally, you can invest in testosterone injections , if you are comfortable with more extensive treatment. They are given on a regular basis as well as provide a greater direct dose of testosterone to your body. Also, you can consider alternatives to testosterone therapy. fmb4b3l9wm.

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