What Does Someone With a CNA Job Do? – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists


Nursing is a wildly desired field There are many options within the field of nursing. CNA positions are a sought-after option for many. What exactly does someone who has an CNA job do? Continue reading to learn.

We’ll begin by explaining what the CNA work is. CNAs are nurses assistants who have earned their certification. They work at hospitals as well as in private homes.

As an CNA, the first part of your job will be to help residents or patients with their hygiene. The job may include helping patients take showers, clean their teeth, and get ready for work.

CNA jobs in hospitals are slightly different than those at residences. In a hospital setting, CNAs are required to take stool or blood or urine samples to the lab. They will also take prescription drugs that are not narcotic, and restock shelves as required.

The CNA at home will be the same every day. It’s important to remain with the same routine since most people with dementia have at least one of the forms. In this scenario, CNAs will perform the identical tasks at the same time each day for residents. This includes showering the same way each day.

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