What TEDx Has to Say About Workplace Diversity Courses – Discovery Videos

Since the last few years, old-fashioned diversity programs that are used in workplaces have experienced a significant amount in improvement. Diversity is celebrated in a way that has never been previously, however some employees may be unable to accept this view into their notion of a good workplace. Employers can be educated about the latest approach to diversity in the workplace by watching this TEDx presentation on educating employees to accept it. The problem lies in the fact that the majority of the management team of large businesses (large and small) is comprised mostly of white guys. People who interview applicants are still rejected because of their foreign names. The problem of diversity that is a part of the system affects employees of all levels. As diverse teams are more productive than non-diversity teams when it comes to productivity and revenue Finding a solution to get out of institutionalized sameness is essential for every type of business. Arwa Mahdawi’s strategy to address this dilemma is to take care of the issue beginning at the HR department or recruiters. They decide which employees join the company. The business can solve problems immediately by making the necessary changes. ns976xwbp1.

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