Whats the Difference Between Racism and Racial Prejudice? – Infomax Global

The two can be modified, however it is crucial to distinguish between them. This distinction is vital to answer the question about whether someone of color can be classified as racist. The terms used are distinct. Let’s look at the difference between these terms.

Two factors make up the concept of racism. It’s prejudice against those who are different from you by skin color, and ability to have a negative impact on others’ lives. Every person has some kind of bias. It’s a part of human nature. Our thoughts are always influenced by the world all around us, from parents to teachers and the media. This influences the way we view people who are different from us. On however does not come with every Americans are born with.

Black Americans face disadvantages not only because they’re descendants of slave-owners as well as because their past still affects their lives to this day. The American legal system remains primarily run by white people and often does not to consider black people equal citizens.

Negative feelings towards a race that isn’t powerful aren’t racist, but discrimination based on race. The US is awash in black Americans’ disenfranchisement which prevents the black community from being racist towards whites.


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