Why Should Your Estate Plan Include Life Insurance? – Insurance Magazine

On the other hand however, life insurance that is permanent offers the possibility of lifetime coverage. This is the perfect choice for estate planning. It is expensive, so you might want to think about it in the case of large estates.

Should an estate plan also incorporate life insurance? It may not appear to influence how you dispose of your assets. It’s an essential part of the estate plan. Insurance proceeds from life insurance will be more than just an enormous sum to your inheritors. There are a number of the reasons that will planning for your estate should include life Insurance.

Estate Taxes Payment

Life insurance is one of the best options for settling estate taxes. Estate taxes in the United States must be paid in no less than nine months after the demise of the owner. These taxes are assessed to the estate gross of the deceased. In addition to federal estate taxes, some states impose state estate taxes. The life insurance’s proceeds however are not subject to tax.

Estates worth above 24.12 million US dollars per couple, and 12.06 million US dollars for an individual can be subject to tax at a rate of up to 40 percent. It takes only nine months for tax payment and the significant tax rate is stressful for grieving families, particularly when there is a lack of or liquid assets. Life insurance policies are a great way to alleviate the burden of the assets, while also preventing families from having to sell items quickly, and most likely at a lower market value.

Not paying estate taxes could have dire effects. Executors can personally accountable. If they transferred assets to the heirsof the estate, they could be liable to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may seek to collect estate taxes that were paid on the transferred assets. Each person who inherits an estate may face trouble if they fail to pay their tax. The money from life insurance could be used to pay cash for taxes of any kind either federal or state. They also help avoid issues dealing with IRS.

The value of an estate could increase or lose value depending on federal and state taxes. The taxes are due every nine years.


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