You Have to Try This DIY Repellent for Mosquitoes – Life Cover Guide

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It could be surprising to discover how many ingredients you already have at hand in your kitchen. To make this recipe it is necessary to have:

1 cup of water
1 cup witch hazel
1 teaspoon gylcerin
1 tbsp vodka or alcohol

Essential oils:

30 drops geranium or bergamot
For ticks to be targeted, 30 drops of citronella , or cedar
10 drops lemon
10 drops eucalyptus
10 drops of rosemary
10 drops lavender

After you’ve gathered everything you require including many that can be purchased at your local shop it is time to mix them efficiently. You can do this by shaking the containers that you are putting them in. They can be funneled each one in glass bottles that can be reused. Glass bottles are greener than plastic bottles. This is a low-cost and easy method to get out mosquitoes. But, it might not be the best option if your mosquito problem is significant. smk96llxh1.

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