A Cheap Way to Do Carpet Dyeing – My Maternity Photography

It is possible to dye carpets without cost by making use of ordinary home-made products. A YouTube channel “Carpet dyeing, ” the method I used …” illustrates the method to dye carpets for a reasonable price.

In the beginning, you must remove all furniture in the room. Apply a paper towel on the walls around the baseboard, to shield walls from stains. Shampooing and vacuuming the carpet as thoroughly as possible is recommended. The carpet should be allowed to air dry before you continue.

To make sure that the color remains cool throughout the process of dying make a tiny amount of it one at a. After that, test your dye on a secret corner of the carpet. Apply the dye mixture in a half-filled spray bottle onto the carpet test. Allow your carpet to dry before using the dye.

After that, fill the sprayer with dye and apply it on the carpet. Apply the dye in a uniform manner. Apply small amounts of spray to the carpet and work to blend the color in with a the sharp brush. Work the dye in slowly as you move. Before using the carpet, make sure that the dye has time to fully dry.


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