Everything You Need to Know About Heavy Duty Thread Protectors – Andre Blog

thread protectors. Did you know that they could also be used for different purposes in diverse sectors? Read on to find out the essential information you require about the use of thread protectors that are heavy duty.

Let’s begin by defining what the heavy duty thread protectors are. The thread protectors of heavy duty are designed to guard the threads of pipes during pipe transportation and pipe storage. These thread protectors are manufactured using steel or plastic, and can be applied to the pipe by hand or automated.

For protection of pipelines when they travel to natural gas or oil fields The use of thread protectors is for oil and gas business. Metal thread protectors are able to be reused, plastic protectors do not.

Thread protectors are employed at many different places. The protectors serve to guard threaded barrels used on firearms. Certain firearms come using thread protectors at the factory. However, most come as part of an aftermarket process to install a silencer or muzzle break. Thread protectors protect the threads of premium firearms from mechanical damages.

To find out more about the benefits of strong-duty thread protectors check out the video below!


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