How a Busines Loan Service Works – Sales Planet

depending on your circumstances. A simple way to acquire a business loan is cash flow financing. It can be accessed within 72 hours when you are an owner of a company for at least one year with a minimum monthly income in the amount of $10,000.

If you are a business startup with access to a credit line, women can get as much as $150,000 of financing with no any collateral or proof of money flow. Retail stores or factories can make use of their inventory that has a amount of greater than $500,000 for an inventory loan of at least 50% of the inventory.
The maximum amount you can get is five thousand dollars and up to 95percent of the purchase order value if you are still awaiting payment on your orders. Equipment can be financed in many ways. You might be able to finance one piece of equipment or a larger purchase. Additionally, financing equipment leasing is offered to businesses with a long history that has operated for over 1 year. The loan amount can be as high as $2,000,000 worth of loans using this program if you can provide the proof of having been paid in the previous and current month. tswh6y7cfy.

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