Minimum Server Resources for IM and Presence – Tech News


The s file works along with it’s (.ova.) document. The file includes settings for a virtual machine which can be used prior to an ISO installer file. The configuration of the most number of clients for an individual deployment’s hardware resource configuration is performed by using the (.ova). files. Server configurations have changed since Presence 11, and many configurations aren’t in compliance with the standards. What are the standards for minimum requirements?

The narration of the video states that the requirements minimum for any user deployment include two processors, eight GB of RAM, and two CPUs. Chat rooms that are continuously active in particular deployments will increase the processor requirements. The servers’ minimum requirements increase to four processors and 8GB RAM. If this is not done and the server is not upgraded, it may encounter issues such as service restarts or failures due to insufficient memory. For a quick check to see if the presence server is in compliance with the minimum demands, one can go to the command line interface for the platform and enter ‘show hardware’ in order to view their server’s RAM and CPU.


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