How Do Fire Protection Sprinklers Know When Theres a Fire? – Concordia Research

There is an enormous amount of damage to property and in the end, saves lives. However, people often wonder how sprinklers work. A look at How Fire Sprinklers See Fire could help to answer that. This video explains the basics on fire sprinklers.

Although most people believe that smoke causes them, fire safety sprinklers detect hot air. Sprinklers use a liquid made from glycerin that expands in contact with temperatures. In order for the reaction to take place, the air temperature would have to range between 135 and 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The sprinklers for fire protection are activated after the liquid expands.

Sprinklers usually are installed close to the water pipes. Usually, sprinklers that are close to the fire are activated. So, buildings won’t get water harm. To ensure that the sprinklers will be able to handle fires correctly Certain valves control the flow of water within the sprinklers. To ensure the sprinklers are in the best state, a qualified professional must examine them frequently.


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