Inground Pool Installation – Family Dinners

en thinking about installing an inground pool in your backyard? If so, then you will want to watch this video before you do! Jason of River Pools provides an explanation of the three kinds of inground pools.

A pool is an costly expense. Make sure you’ve reviewed your options before deciding on the best inground pool. Three main options for inground pools mentioned in this video are vinyl liner pool, concrete pools or fiberglass swimming pools. These are all excellent alternatives, however they all have their own distinct characteristics you should be conscious of.

The vinyl-lined pool will have a lower cost and allows you to alter the look of the pool. Concrete pools are constructed with a pebble or plaster interior. The type of pool allows you to change the shape however you’d like in the planning process. Fiberglass pools are manufactured off-site, and then transported via trucks.

If you’re planning to build a swimming pool during the season, take a look at these three options as your options. Watch the video to learn about all the advantages as well as drawbacks to each.


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