Accidents at Home May Be Workplace Injuries – My Free Legal Services

A secured object could fall onto your head or even your hands may get trapped in an automated machine. So long as you along with your personal injury attorney legal representative can demonstrate pain and suffering, you may be able get monetary compensation from such accidents. But, did you realize that injuries at home during business hours could also be taken into consideration as personal injuries?

A German sales executive working remotely in 2018 fell down while walking to his kitchen. The fall resulted in a fractured back. He sought to recover compensation insisting that home workers are not entitled to the same protection in comparison to those working on-site. A German judge recently decided in the favor of this plaintiff that was injured at home while working during a falling. This potentially sets a precedent that these are personal and an injured person can claim an amount of compensation. It’s not an exclusive German scenario. But, the pattern of worker compensation spreads like wildfire. It may only be just a matter of time before worker compensation takes over remote workers here across America. United States.


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