Installing a Motion-Censored Flood Light – Home Improvement Videos

ders. If you already have a floodlight, they’re easily installed. The following tutorial will show you how to install and wire an motion sensor light.

The first step of setting up your security lights for outdoor use is to turn off the power at the service panel , and also take out the floodlight that is already in place. Next, pass the motion sensor’s wires through the rubber gasket and splice them using wire nuts. Place the gasket in a way that it keeps the box dry while mounting the light. When you are ready to power back up, loosen the locknuts and twist the light until it’s aligned where you’d like it. Once you have it, tighten them to ensure that the lights remain in place. Follow the instruction of the manufacture to activate the sensor. You are able to select the amount of time the lights will remain when it’s activated. The sensor can be tested for sensitiveness by moving the sensor around making any adjustments needed. When your motion sensor’s light is in place and is active, leave the light switch turned on and it will switch up automatically when it detects movement.


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