Why It’s Important for Pediatric Patients to Transition to an Adult Provider – Health Advice Now

Young adults should be able to transition from their pediatrician to an adult doctor.

While it is exciting at turning sixteen, this also means an increased level of accountability. As a teenager, patients typically transition to adult care. By the age of 18 it is recommended that patients be assigned to an adult medical professional for any check-ups or concerns. While there are some clinics which allow patients to stay with them for a longer time, switching to an adult doctor is vital, so that patients can enjoy a healthier, age-appropriate environment.

Adult care allows adults to be more able to assume the responsability and freedom that comes from adult supervision. Families should encourage their kids to become adults to start making appointment on their own and going to appointments on their own. Also, you can take your prescriptions to pharmacies to begin getting control over your healthcare.

Moving from a pediatric doctor to an adult provider can appear overwhelming. But once a relationship is established medical appointments are able to go without a hitch.


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