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Search Engine Rankings Forge New B2B Models

Search engine ranking

Google has revolutionized the internet and how we use it to do business, maybe not intentionally, but it has had affects on search engine rankings that are undeniable. In 1998, when Google first began to gain popularity, they chose to alter their logo to let users know that the co founders of the company were at the famous Burning Man Festival in Nevada. Since then, over 1000 unique and relevant Google Doodles, which is what these images have become known as, have been created.

Now take into account that 92 percent of adults who use the internet run at least one search a day and Google has become so commonly used that is has become a verb amongst the public. That same model is used when we talk about search engine optimization, or SEO, and search engine rankings. Seo marketing has the primary objective of boosting a websites popularity by getting it seen as many times as possible when someone runs a search. The goal is to drive traffic to the site, thus creating new leads, new customers, and new business through organic methods, which means they are unpaid.

Search engine rankings can be increased through a few different avenues. SEO tools can include blogs, articles, social media posts, and many other concepts that drive traffic through various methods. SEO blogs are created with the goal of boosting search engine rankings by creating informative articles, blogs, etc. written using commonly searched keywords throughout the material. The keywords are the element that creates a relevancy to a wide range of searches and makes the website more visible to the user.

SEO is the latest form of online marketing to change the landscape of doing business on the internet. Search engine rankings are getting a stronger emphasis from business owners today more than ever, with 57 percent of business owners claiming that SEO has become the largest part of their lead generation. It is also said that using organic methods to affect search engine rankings creates 25 percent more business than Pay Per Click strategies through search engine rankings. It is believed that, by 2014, smartphone and tablet use will outweigh desktop computer use, so many of the most successful and aspiring companies will be migrating towards doing business online and boosting their search engine rankings.

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