The Increasingly Important Role Search Engine Optimization Plays With Businesses Today

Seo marketing

Leads generated through search engine optimization have a much higher percentage of closing, with 14.6 as an average compared with the paltry 1.7 percent average close rate for outbound leads such as cold calling. In fact, 57 percent of business to business marketing professionals say that the tool is the biggest influence on how they get leads. With these statistics, it is a real wonder why any company would avoid search engine optimization as a viable Internet marketing tool. It still does happen, though increasingly businesses are getting wise to the beauty and relevance of this online marketing tool and are deciding to reach out to their marketing professionals or find new ones to capitalize on it.

After all, a search engine ranking is perhaps the No. 1 way any one company can see its relevance in the online marketplace. Through Google rankings and others from the other main search engines, a company can truly see where it stands against its competitors and others that fall under the same keyword categories. And that company can use great tools with the assistance of search engine optimization professionals to make that ranking even better.

Why is having such a high ranking so important? With millions of users relying on search tools to get answers, being listed anywhere on these sites invaluable. And having a high ranking listing is even more important, since 70 to 80 percent of online users will look only at organic results and will avoid the sponsored ones. People largely are ignoring traditional online advertising in favor of these organic results, and through search engine optimization companies can be those organic results.

Plus, through search engine optimization companies will have an average of 434 percent more indexed pages, meaning higher visibility and the potential for more sales leads. Through this tool, original content is created, leading to these additional indexed pages, and the content there is quite useful and very targeted. It does not merely exist; it works to enhance what the client already is offering to its customers.

And with search engine optimization turning its eye toward the mobile world, it makes perfect sense for any company to invest in the technology now. A whopping 65 percent of people who own smart phones utilize these devices and tablets regularly to research items and make purchases, leaving companies without search engine optimization in the metaphorical dust. Search engine optimization is a proven tool and one that every viable company needs.

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