Tips for Measuring for Window Blinds – DIY Home Ideas


Some people want blinds so that they have a peaceful night in the sun, or so that they can see the night skies.

However it is a constant when you think about blinds for the new year, what are the measurements? In the absence of accurate measurements, the blinds will not fully overhang the entire window, as sunlight can enter the room. On this clip, the lady explains different ways to measure your window blinds.

For accurate measurements, she recommends using steel measuring tapes. Begin by taking a note of the width of the window. Next, measure it’s height. After that, you can examine a measuring guide for the various measurements in the case of blinds.

A thing you should keep in mind is your window’s depth. If it is too small, you will have a difficult time putting up blinds. But, if the depth is large enough then it is possible to measure both the width and height.

Be sure to watch this video when you’re trying to hang blinds on your windows yourself! The video goes in great depth on the procedure and will make the process of mounting blinds easy! You’ll be successful!


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