What its like to be a Propane Technician – Daily Inbox

The footage follows the tasks of propane technicians who start the day by learning the orders and tasks that need completion throughout the day.

The video shows the process of technicians having to load tanks for the customer. A note is provided on the way they must ensure that they have all necessary tools to do a thorough job. This video shows the process of the technicians taking out the tank in order to make space for the new one.

They take their work very seriously, and strive to satisfy the customers each time. Hence, they’ll take their time to align the positioning of the customer’s tank so it’s in perfect alignment. They place the tank, and attach the regulator. After the initial tasks are completed, afternoon propane deliveries are made, but an inspection will be done prior to ensuring everything is correct. Once the day’s deliveries are finished, the workers are able to reload the trucks and prepare for the coming day. fuiaorkyzq.

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